The construction of rurality in the present times: territories for life


Subject Areas:

  • SA1 Sustainable territories: use, environmental protection and climate change.
  • SA2 Disputed territories: alliances, megaprojects, and socioenvironmental conflicts.
  • SA3 Resilient ruralities: proximity agriculture, family farming, communitarian farming and agroecology.
  • SA4 Inclusive ruralities: gender inequality, generational groups and social cohesion.
  • SA5 Constructed rurality: identities, representations and connections.
  • SA6 Global ruralities: agribusiness and food chains.
  • AT7 Socio-economic scenarios for development: Post-productive economies, tourism, community and creative territories.
  • SA8 Rural labor markets: agencies, organizations, temporality, displacements and transnationality.
  • SA9 Rural public policies: territorial development, welfare, and community government in the rural world.
  • SA10 Rural territories 2.0: innovation, knowledge, accessibility, and technological change.