The Latin American Rural Sociology Association is a professional non-profit organization, founded in 6th November 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It facilitates spaces for academic discussion between organizations, institutions and researchers in Rural Sociology and related fields, while becoming a permanent pacesetter for social action in the complex diversity of Latin American societies.

Throughout its history, the Association has maintained a permanent commitment to social movements. In addition, it has been a forum for constant exchange between academics and farmers’ organizations, marked by family farming, Indigenous people, and daily laborers of the continent. Its academic activity has placed special emphasis on showing the living and working conditions of rural inhabitants. Despite the efforts of public policing, vulnerability, poverty, and exclusion are still a constant in the majority of Latin American rural societies in the twenty first century.

ALASRU has celebrated ten international congresses, the last one in November 2018 in Montevideo, Uruguay. In addition, the journal Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Rurales (RelaER) is published by the association on a regular basis.

The association has established partnerships with the majority of Latin American academic institutions related to the field of Social Sciences. It also has representation among many national organizations, such as the Asociación Mexicana de Estudios Rurales (AMER), and the Sociedade Brasileira de Economia, Administração e Sociologia Rural (SOBER), among others. In addition, ALASRU has been incorporated into the International Rural Sociology Association (IRSA), gaining presence across the globe.


  • Hernán Salas Quintanal (U. Nacional Autónoma de México). President
  • Paulo Niederle (U. Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil). First Vicepresident
  • Carla Gras (CONICET – U. Nacional de San Martín, Argentina). Second Vicepresident
  • Patricia Muñoz Sánchez (U. Autónoma de Chapingo, México). Finance Secretary
  • Myriam Paredes (FLACSO Ecuador). Member
  • María Adelaida Farah Q. (U. Javeriana, Colombia). Member
  • Ernel González Mastrapa (U. de la Habana, Cuba). Member
  • Eliseo Zeballos Zeballos (U. Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa, Perú). Member
  • Paola Mascheroni (U. de la República, Uruguay). Member