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About Universidad Austral de Chile

Universidad Austral de Chile

Founded in 1954, the Austral University of Chile was the first higher education institution in the south of Chile.

UACh is situated across three Chilean regions: Los Ríos, Los Lagos, and Aysén (from north to south). The University actively contributes to development through its many facilities. Its campuses in Valdivia –Isla Teja and Miraflores– and in Puerto Montt, are whre most of its academic activities are concentrated. Research is no less important: the university has many research centers and experimental sites, such as the Clinical Campus in Osorno, and the Trapananda Center in Coyhaique, among others.

The University does not only offer undergraduate degrees in its ten schools (Architecture and Arts, Sciences, Agrarian Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, Natural Resources and Forestry Sciences, Legal and Social Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Philosophy and Humanities, and Medicine), but it also offers a diversity of postgraduate diplomas (certifications and specialties), Masters, and PhDs.

Since the university was founded, research, development, innovation and artistic creation activities have been deemed as fundamental in relation to teaching and interaction with the environment. This sets UACh as a prestigious institution that contributes actively to the development of the country. For this reason, all the University Schools were granted very high scores by the National Accreditation Commission in Chile.

At the moment, the University’s focus is on planning, organizing, and managing activities in the areas of research, creation, development, innovation and technology transfer; proposing and executing measures and mechanisms to ensure efficiencies, set within an international context.

As a result of the activities in research, development, and creation, the University has positioned itself as a relevant center of scientific production in social science, pure research, innovation and technology. In fact, the university currently publishes eleven indexed journals in different fields and databases, as well as regularly organizing international seminars and congresses.