How to get to ValdiviaValdivia?

By road

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Access from the North: via Ruta 5, the main route across Chile. Twenty-five minutes before reaching Valdivia, you will come across the village of San José de la Mariquina where you take the T-205 road from where you can access Valdivia.

From San Carlos de Bariloche, the departure of the buses is usually in the morning. The average duration of the journey is 7 hours, depending on the delay of the border crossing point (BCP). By car it should take 5 and a half hours through Villa La Angostura, which is located 14 miles from the Argentine BCP El Rincón, and 40 miles from the Chilean BCP Pajarito or Cardenal Samoré. Then, you must follow the Ruta Internacional 215 for 164 miles, until reaching the Ruta 5 Norte. At the Cruce Paillaco, take Ruta 207 and continue for 30 miles to reach Valdivia.

Another option is crossing to Chile from the Hua-Hum (BCP), which is 37 miles away coming from San Martín de los Andes, via the Ruta Internacional 203. There, you can take a two-hour-long ferry trip across Lake Pirihueico to Puerto Fuy. From there, follow the road for 55 miles to Panguipulli. If you follow the signs for 72 miles, you will reach Valdivia. Considers than BCPs may close in case of a bad weather. Information about the current state of the routes, tolls and border crossings can be found at

Buses are comfortable, affordable, safe and include heating systems, and assistance. Buses from the north can be taken from any town. When coming from the south you need to reach Puerto Montt first. The journey from Santiago lasts 11 hours. There are daily departures from 06:50 to 19:00 in the terminals San Borja, Tur Bus and Sur.

Intercity buses are the most common means of transport for tourists, which get to any part of the country. Buses come in three different comfort-tiers and prices (Salón Cama, Semi Cama or Ejecutivo, and Pullman or Turista). For long-distance travel (usually at night), the Salón Cama or Premium services are recommended. They are more expensive, but offer more legroom, reclining seats and better onboard service. Since it is a highly demanded route, there is a lot of competition between bus companies, so it is worth comparing prices and service levels once at the station, by phone or online.

There are also smaller buses that travel within a region and to remote destinations, although usually they are less comfortable vehicles. For short trips between nearby villages, there are often cheaper collective taxis, for example, those that move them from Valdivia to Niebla.

On the Isla Teja Campus, the congress’ location, there is a bus stop to and from Valdivia and Niebla. Routes 4, 5, 9, 20 and Expreso de la Costa get to this bus stop, which is in front of the Nahmías building. Although you may occasionally find taxis on the street, it's easier to order them by phone. These are the numbers of the two taxi companies of the city: +56632210210 and +56632214000. Valdivia also uses the Uber app.

By planes


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If you’d rather take a flight, Pichoy Airport is open all year round. The airport is located in San José de La Mariquina, 20 miles northeast of Valdivia and it is administered by the DGAC.

From Arturo Merino Benítez Airport in Santiago, SKY AIRLINES and LATAM have regular departures to Valdivia, which must be booked in advance to avoid price increases. The flight from Santiago to Valdivia lasts 1:45 hours. Another option is to take a flight to one nearby city, such as Temuco or Puerto Montt (both at 125 miles of Valdivia), and then board an intercity bus to Valdivia. Intercity buses from those cities pass every thirty minutes and do not take more than three hours to reach their destination.

Pichoy Airport has a wide range of transfer lines that can be used to get around Los Ríos region. The fleets are composed of Mercedes Benz minibuses, buses Marcopolo, and cars for 2-3 people, among others. Fares to the city center do not exceed CLP 5,000 (USD 8). In addition, the city has at least three rental a car companies which can be booked online.